Minor Work Submission

Report Commencement / completion of small projects

Since December 31, 2010, the Department has introduced a small-scale project supervision system. According to the technical guidelines, before and after the completion of the project, Small contractors are required to prepare a series of plans and photographs for submission to the buildings department at all levels. This series of cumbersome administrative work will undoubtedly greatly increase your workload for those who are engaged in small-scale operation and engineering. The company specially provides one-stop engineering consulting service, which is available for reference,All administrative paperwork, such as the review of approved plans, the preparation of design plans, the formulation of forms, on-site shooting, submission of documents, and reporting for completion, will enable contractors to concentrate more on the tedious and practical construction work.

Our services

Commencement/completion report of buildings department (class I, II, III, items A-G)

Category Evaluation - defines the number of engineering types and levels

Check the rules - ask the buildings Department for approval of the rules and compare them with the construction environment on the spot.

Technical guidance - according to the category of "minor works" and the construction environment of the site, the construction facilities are adjusted with the customers.

Equipment documents - according to the "minor works" simplification requirements, installation design rules, project location, the number of results and so on.

Submission of commencement documents - Preparation of prescribed forms on behalf of cracking, on-site shooting and submission to buildings department.

Report for completion - prepare the prescribed form for completion report, complete photos and submit to buildings department.

First level AP/res advisory services

AP/RSE star report - according to the first level requirements of the simplified regulations of small project, AP/RSE reports and batches of design drawings, structural mechanics data, etc.

First level supervision project - arrange AP/RSE to be responsible for the supervision function of supervision plan according to the first level requirements simplified in small project.

Refer to registered small works contractor

If the client's project does not meet the level and category of its own small-scale project, the company can refer the small-scale project contractor to meet the relevant level and category.

Scope of service

Decoration/interior design company

Generally, small projects involving residential buildings and shops, including replacing aluminum windows, supporting the bracket of chlorine cooler, erecting drainage and so on, can be evaluated by engineering personnel before commencement to ensure that all projects meet the requirements of simplified regulations for small projects, and provide a comprehensive quotation for engineering reporting services.

Air conditioning company

The bracket supporting the chlorine cooler belongs to class 1 and 3. We charge from hks1000 yuan and provide monthly service. Welcome to inquire.

Advertising agency

The billboards are divided into wall leaning type and protruding type, which are erected on the roof or on the ground. Each billboard shall be designed according to the site environment and the degree of wind exposure. We can arrange engineers to coordinate the design scheme at the construction site, and review the mechanical data of the structural engineering of our company.

Building maintenance company

General building maintenance works involve demolition of structures, external wall swing and wall surge, installation of drainage channels and repair of structural components, etc. We can repair the whole building according to the,Provide a comprehensive offer for engineering presentation services.

One stop service

We are responsible for preparing all documents, plans, photos, prescribed forms, etc. required for the period from commencement to completion.

No worries about engineering documents

Customers only need to sign the prepared documents.

Price maker

We charge for small projects according to their stages, categories and scale, starting from HK $1380.

Professional shortcut

We will appoint full-time professional engineering personnel with engineering construction experience to be responsible for each project to ensure the feasibility of the construction scheme.

Examples of small engineering plans