Safety Inspection for Reported UBWs

Safety Inspection and Certification for Reported UBWs at Village House

Owners of NT village houses with UBWs eligible to join the Reporting Scheme may report such UBWs to the BD within the specified period of 1 April to 31 December 2012, and appoint qualified personnel to conduct inspections and verify the safety of the UBWs.

The first safety certification must be submitted within 6 months after the date of submission of Form NT01 to the BD. Our qualified personnel will visit your house to conduct safety inspection (approx. 45 minutes) to the reported UBWs and issue the respective certification to Building Department.

1139 UBWs Inspection and Certification

We had conducted 1139 UBWs reporting and safety inspection cases up to 30-9-2012. Among them, 15 collective inspections to the village house were appointed directly by the management companies and incorporate owner committees. Please refer our Job reference for the safety inspection and certification.

Enclosed letters are transmitted from Building Department accepting our safety certification and inspection conducted by our Technical Competent Person (TCP-T2) and Registered Professional Engineers (RPE)

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ldentification of UBWs

Photo Taking for UBWs

On- site Measurement

Safety Inspection and Assessment

Advice for Strengthening Works

Issuance of Safety Certification

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Our fee schedule is on one floor basic whatever how many UBWs were reported for that floor. Discount would be offered for client own the whole block.

Technical Competent Person (TCP-T2) and Registered Professional Engineer

To demonstrate the existing UBWs are structurally safe, owners are required to appoint qualified personnel (TCP-T2 (or above) or registered structural engineer / registered professional engineer, as the case may be) to inspect and certify the UBWs.

Our TCP-T2 personnel / Registered Professional Engineers possess the qualification of Bachelor or Master Degree in the discipline of Building Surveying, Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering etc. and more than 15 year solid experience in the industry. Free advice of proper maintenance would be given during on-site inspection.